I was asked to write a Blog

Mar 27, 2020

By Declan on Redvers Street

'What’s this? Someone’s asking us to do a blog now'. I want to come across as a curmudgeon. That’s the default isn’t it? Once you get past 60 you’ve got the right, isn’t that so Andy ( happy 60th:-( ). Andy is not one of those, as a matter of fact his is an unusual and fascinating story but its his to tell

And we’ve earned that right solely because we’ve been able to breathe in and out for so long - I don’t take for granted that old people have been useful members of society; many have been takers for the most part.

Can you tell that I’m not so chipper today? Not for any good reason other than adjusting to a new life with my brother Peter. After 45 years living life apart this is taking some getting used to. We’re close in age, he’s one year older, and consequently we fought like cat and dog when growing up in Ireland (and various other places). And it’s like we never left. Close confinement isn’t helping. How did Anne Frank cope for all those years?

I’m a vegetarian while Peter’s an enthusiastic carnivore. I fell-run and cycle for a hobby, Peter does Sumo without the wrestling. I tend to say yes to everything, he says no. I’m an atheist, he’s a committed catholic (and needs to read
his bible a bit more and practice what it preaches). Peter’s also a dab hand at heritage stuff - family trees and who’s connected to who. It’s his great passion, he has all the software, but the subject bores me to tears I’m afraid. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind meeting anyone else with a similar bent - once, if, we all get through this thing.

Enough, we rub along, it’ll get easier I tell myself. Neighbours, please don’t be alarmed when you hear shouting from Redvers street. just yell out to shut up!
So, our not so little group has come together - as a curmudgeon I find this annoying. But penning the above has snapped me out of it; therapy you see. I’m actually very pleased to be a part of it. The offers of support, the v.useful
info on food supplies and things, the insights into some of the characters living behind those doors, the kids entertainment doings, the baking, these glimpses of humanity that surface when we’re not on that striven treadmill.

I’ve built a routine to avoid the descent into idle sloven. Up early, exercise, breakfast, news, housework, news, lunch, weights, news, afternoon tea, stretches, news, tea, news, tv, bath, news, bed and read the book my son gave me - ‘here’s your birthday present dad’, he says to me ‘ I got you a self improving book’. Charming. This is all to Pete’s caustic approach - he prefers the descent.
Anyway, you may think I’ve put him down enough, but I haven’t.
Off now to break into that month old impulse buy sitting in the fruit bowl - a coconut.

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