Our phone tree is live

phone-tree Mar 23, 2020

Old technology still supported in Ashfield

We have Facebook and WhatsApp and now we have a good old-fashioned phone number should you want a chat with a neighbour and want to use your telephone.

More details here in our newsletter.

If anyone wants to setup something similar please see this page for details of how to get setup or get involved.

Thanks to Max for providing us with a logo, great work!

Art work by Max, March 2020

Here is how it works:

We have a phone number that belongs to us. All calls made to the number are picked up by our software application. The application has a list of local resident phone numbers that have agreed to offer support. When you dial the number you will be greeted with a message (or maybe a song!), and you will be told who you will be connected to.

Please feel free to use the number doesn't have to be for emergencies. You could call up and tell us joke if you want to or just what you have been up to.

For more information on what the line is for, please see our newsletter.

If you want to get involved and be added to the pool of people please let us know using the form here:

Thanks for everyone's hard work in helping to set this up and your patience during testing when I kept phoning you all.

We have had plenty of interest in providing this system for other communities. If you are interested in getting a number setup then please get in contact and we can get you setup very quickly.

More information on how it works and how to get setup please visit this information page from local code group Lancaster Beer and Code.

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